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Understanding our documents

The DoPs

Since 1st July 2013, the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) established a new requirement for the construction materials market, called the Declaration of Performance (DoP). This document provides consumers with easy access to information on the performance of construction products, which is the case with SFA products. 

The Declaration of Performance is a key part of the Construction Products Regulation. It provides information on the performance of a product. Each construction product covered by a European harmonised standard or for which a European Technical Assessment has been issued needs this Declaration and has to be CE marked. This helps increase transparency and improves the functioning of the Single Market.

The booklets

Booklets are brochures that contain all the necessary information from the purchase, transport, installation and commissioning through to maintenance.

The main sections of this document are as follows: 

  1. Security
  2. Transport / Temporary storage / Return / Disposal
  3. Product Description
  4. Installation / Laying
  5. Commissioning / Decommissioning
  6. Operation
  7. Maintenance
  8. Incidents: causes and remedies





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