• Bathroom 10/10/2019

    This is the number one must-have item for a relaxing bathroom

    As seen in Homes To Love Bathroom trends come and go but one key feature is always a relaxation, and bathtubs are the ultimate drivers for relaxation in the bathroom – you can simply lie down and let the water wash over you.

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  • Bathroom 06/20/2019

    Why this one product will change your bathroom renovation

    As seen in Homes To Love How often have you flipped through the pages of your favourite renovation magazines, trawled Pinterest and enviously eyed your friend’s amazing bathroom wishing you could replicate the same in your home, only to be told by your plumber that the location isn’t possible with traditional plumbing? Often, homeowners will park their dreams and follow conventional home renovations, neglecting the area they really want to change.

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  • Bathroom 03/22/2019

    How to upgrade your existing bedroom

    Upgrade your bedroom! Having an ensuite in your bedroom is a great way to add value to your home and to enjoy the privacy it brings. Now with Saniflo’s discreet hidden pumps this can be achieved without adding an additional building or the cost of expensive traditional plumbing alterations

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  • Kitchen 01/22/2019

    The dos and don’ts for kitchen renovation

    Renovating your kitchen is a large undertaking that will need a good portion of your attention. You’ll need to think about all the technical aspects as well as the financials, and this all needs to be done without forgetting the design and style of your space! This is a lot to think about and it’s understandable that you might feel overwhelmed already! So, keep the following in mind before tackling your next kitchen renovation project!

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