In order to save space in the home and for discreet operation, SFA offers a whole range of underground lifting stations: Sanifos. In shredding or Vortex version, with 1 or 2 pumps, single-phase or three-phase motors, the range meets all needs.  

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Sanifos 280

Sanifos 280

The ideal solution for a granny flat Autonomous operation Single-phase...

Sanifos 610

Sanifos 610

The Sanifos 610 is a packaged pumping station suitable for single dwelling...

SFA is a complete range of underground lifting stations with more than 130 references available. Its water lifting solutions cover all needs, with a complete range.

The complete range of Sanifos black water station pumps.

For each sector, its SFA response with submersible pump solutions for the renovation of installations already in place, complete stations to be installed, reducing installation costs and facilitating maintenance, or even fully-equipped and ready tanks. ready for burying.

The range of tank volumes is wide open with tanks whose dimensions go up to 3,100 mm x 1,100 mm. Finally, we should add that the expansion of the SFA offer extends to class D lids supporting a pressure of 40 tonnes and therefore allowing the installation of tanks under traffic lanes (parking, road, etc.).

A wide range to adapt to each site.