Sanifos 1300 GR

Sanifos 1300 GR

The Sanifos 1300 GR is a twin pump packaged pumping station suitable for single dwelling residential or commercial use . It is an efficient solution where gravity reliant sewerage and storm water systems are not possible due to limited site access and site constraints such as property sloping away from the sewer or storm water infrastructure

  • Contains two separate load balanced single phase pumps with high performance grinder macerating pumps
  • In the event of inflow overload , both motors run at the same time or in the unlikely event that one pump fails, the other one will take over for a failsafe system
  • Pumps up up to 11m high or 110m horizontal

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The Sanifos 1300 lifting station lifts all wastewater from your building, whether that be professional premises such as an office block or warehouse or a domestic dwelling. The Sanifos 1300 can cope with WC, basin, shower, sink, bath, washing...

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Sanifos 1300 datasheet

Column 0
Type of control box Smart
Number of pumps 2
Type of station To be buried
Tank PE
Pipework PVC
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 1500 W
Power output P2 1050 W
RPM (Revolution Per Minute) 2800
Electrical class I
Motor insulation class F
Maximum immersion depth 5 m
Power cable: length 10 m
Power cable: Type, Section H07 RN-F 3G, 1.5 mm²
Max. head (Q0) 13 m
Maximum flow rate 16 m³/h
External inlet diameter 160 mm
Discharge pipework 63 mm
Ext. ventilation diameter 75 mm
Total volume 1300 L
Useable volume 350 L
Alarm level 930 mm
Min. incoming water connection 600 mm
Max. incoming water connection with extension if available 2000 mm
Type of impeller Grinder
Type of activation Float
Gross weight 138 kg
Barcode 3308815077796
Factory code SANIFOS1300