The ideal compact macerator for small spaces. 

  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • Can be connected to a basin
  • ECO+ dual-flush system

The SANICOMPACT 43 is a toilet with integrated grinder that does not require any external tank. This is the most compact in the Saniflo range.


Only 43cm deep, it is ideal for small spaces: studios, cupboards, to replace a bidet, below stairs, etc. Its 25mm evacuation diameter ensures discretion.


Fitted with the new economic dual-flush "ECO+", the SANICOMPACT 43 consumes only 1.8L to 3L per flush.

SANICOMPACT® 43 datasheet

Number of available inlets
Inlet diameter
32 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
25 mm
Motor power
550 W
Supply voltage
Electrical class
Sound level
51 dB(A)
Maximum horizontal discharge
30 m
Maximum vertical discharge
3 m

Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
390 x 430 x 445