The most compact and simple solution for a high volume grey water environments

  • Compact design
  • Ideal for commercial applications e.g. cleaning/catering sinks
  • Will handle up to 90°C for short periods (5 minutes)



Sanicom®1 is a powerful lifting station for grey water in busy commercial environments. Suitable for multiple connections including a basin, bath, shower, sink, dishwasher and washing machine.

SANICOM® datasheet

Inlet diameter
2 inlets DN40 (Ø ext. 40 mm)
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
25 mm
Motor power
750 W
Supply voltage
Electrical class
IP rating
Shower tray height
25 cm minimum
Activation level
145 mm
Maximum absorbed current
3.3 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
90 °C intermittently (max 5 min)
Weight (including accessories)
12 kg
Maximum recommended depth
8 m
Tank volume
10 L
Vent diameter
40 mm
Possible connections
Connection options: Greywater from bathroom (without toilet), kitchen, laundry