UPPER LIMB CLINIC ( Sanispeed, Saniaccess3 and Sanicom1)

Case Studies 01/23/2023

UPPER LIMB CLINIC ( Sanispeed, Saniaccess3 and Sanicom1)


Create a purpose-built clinic with all the amenities.


Plumbing solution required for a top floor, high rise with a strict strata title.


Sanispeed+Saniaccess 3 and Sanicom1

Securing a modern space on the top floor of a high rise with great exposure leading into the city is a dream for most. For a clinic and day surgery, this presents its own set of challenges. Creating a purpose-built clinic equipped with sterilising machines, washbasins, bathrooms and kitchenettes required multiple plumbing solutions. Dr Maguire did not anticipate plumbing to be a problem when he embarked on his new clinic fit-out. The problem became more distressing when the specialist medical fit-out company had advised that there was no access to conventional plumbing.

“The hydraulic consultant and engineer had advised there is no possible solution for this space. My wife had seen the application of the Saniflo pump on a home renovation show and asked: “can we use Saniflo ?” I was very excited and relieved to hear that a solution like Saniflo existed and would solve our biggest problem."

- Dr Michael Maguire, Clinic Owner

To achieve the space needed, Saniflo recommended Sanispeed+ for the kitchenettes and wash basins in the consultant rooms, Sanicom for the sterilisation room and SaniAccess 3 for the complete bathroom fit-out. The clinic required a total of 20 pumps, which has now been made possible with Saniflo. 

The Sanispeed+ was discreetly installed inside the cupboard under the sink.

“The Sanispeed+ was the ideal pump for the consultation rooms, the dividing wall housed the pump for back to back installation of the washbasins. In the kitchenette, the installation of the Sanispeed+ was fundamental to handle the waste from the coffee machine, which operates at a higher temperature.”

- Nick Moore, Business Development Manager Saniflo Australasia.

Key Benefits

  • Allows the installation of a dishwasher, glasswasher, washing machine, kitchen sink, shower, vanity basin, bath and coffee station in areas without plumbing access.
  • The smallest commercial greywater pump provides the perfect solution for a low to medium use commercial kitchen, coffee machine, clinic, office, café or bar.
  • Ability to handle a higher temperature than other domestic pumps.
  • Pumps 7m vertically, 70m horizontally, or lesser combinations or both.

The SaniAccess 3 creates new possibilities with its modern ingenuity. It can connect to a toilet, shower, and basin, allowing the installation of a complete bathroom anywhere. Its easy access design simplifies maintenance and serviceability making it an obvious choice. 

“Our previous tenancy was not equipped with a complete bathroom. It was really important for this new space to accommodate a full bathroom, so the staff can have a space to refresh after their bike ride or after their workout.”

- Dr Michael Maguire, Clinic Owner

Key Benefit

  • Macerator pump with the possibility to connect a WC, vanity basin and a shower.
  • Provides easy access to the blades and electrical chamber for servicing.
  • Pumps up to 5m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.

The Saniaccess 3 was installed behind the WC hidden behind the wall.

The Sanicom was used for the installation of the sterilisation machines as it is resistant to a higher temperature and larger volumes of incoming water.

"I was so surprised by how quiet the units operate. You can barely hear them! “

"I have no hesitations in recommending the Saniflo pumps and using them again. If we had not heard of Saniflo, this new clinic may have not been a reality."

- Dr Michael Maguire, Clinic Owner

The Sanicom was installed within the wall to minimise the visibility of the pump.

Key Benefits

  • This mid-sized commercial grey water pump is designed to handle higher temperatures and a higher flow rate.
  • Temperatures between 35c and 90c can be accepted for short periods.
  • Pumps up to 8m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.
  • Allows the installation of multiple sinks, coffee stations, commercial kitchens, dishwashers, glasswashers, washing machines bath and shower.

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