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Bathroom 01/12/2021


How often have you flipped through the pages of your favourite renovation magazines, trawled Pinterest and enviously eyed your friend’s amazing bathroom wishing you could replicate the same in your home, only to be told by your plumber that the location isn’t possible with traditional plumbing? Often, homeowners will park their dreams and follow conventional home renovations, neglecting the area they really want to change.

What if you were told that yes, your dream bathroom is possible! It doesn’t matter if your desired renovation area is below conventional sewerage level, in a heritage-listed building with renovation restrictions, on a concrete slab, or even if you’re thinking about converting your walk-in wardrobe to an ensuite and are tight on space. Each of these common problems is possible thanks to one small device: a macerator pump.

Saniflo, the inventor of the macerator pump, has been helping home (and business) owners achieve their renovation dreams for over 60 years. Our range of macerator and greywater pumps are perfectly suited to help make seemingly impossible bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations possible.

Perfect fit

For a complete bathroom, ensuite addition or renovation, a macerator pump such as the Saniaccess 3 is ideal. At just 169mm deep, 494mm wide and 333mm high, the Saniaccess 3 easily fits into a small wall cavity. If you’re concerned that you might need multiple products to achieve a complete bathroom or ensuite renovation or addition, rest assured that the Saniaccess 3 can be connected to multiple fixtures including any toilet of your choice, vanity, shower and a bath. So, there’s no need to miss out on the fixtures you really want in your dream bathroom.

Location, location 

The Saniaccess 3 unit means your home renovations won’t be restricted by needing to place the new bathroom in the same site as the old bathroom. With this kind of planning freedom, why not consider creating a granny flat, or a tiny home for guests to come and stay?

Easy connection 

There’s no need to compromise on the desired location of your new bathroom as the Saniaccess 3 allows the installation of a bathroom up to 100m away from the main sewerage and up to 5m below. It’s a product that can connect to every bathroom fixture you might need, and it’s as simple as connecting to the sewerage main via the small 20mm waste pipe as well as an electricity supply via a standard socket. So go ahead, research, pin, save and plan your bathroom renovations with ease, knowing your ideas can really happen!

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