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Greenhouse by Joost Bakker

Case Studies 01/23/2023

Greenhouse by Joost Bakker

SFA Australia was recently involved in the innovative future food system Greenhouse project by zero-waste champion Joost Bakker. The closed loop, three-storey, two-bedroom home has the capacity to grow and cultivate fruit, vegetables, herbs, fish, mussels and snails, and all in an 87-square-metre footprint.


The purpose of the project is to show how living off-grid and especially producing our own food is achievable and sustainable, and can even be achieved in the middle of the city.


 “The way we grow, harvest, transport, sell and eat our food is the most destructive human activity on the planet

Joost Bakker



As Greenhouse is an eco-project, all waste generated in the building needed to be re-used. Because of the construction and location of the building, conventional plumbing couldn’t be applied. A pump was needed to pick up waste from numerous fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom and powder room so that the waste from the pump could then be discharged to an onsite passive biological waste water treatment system.


A long-time client of Saniflo’s, Zen Plumb, was contracted to work on the Greenhouse project. When it came to specifying a pump, Christopher from Zen Plumb knew that a Saniflo product would be best to achieve the needs of this unique project.



The Sanicubic 1 was selected for the Greenhouse project as it is a whole house solution, allowing the connection of multiple fixtures. It features a powerful 1500W motor, high flow rate performance, and an IP68 waterproof rating. Because of its flexibility with several inlets, the Sanicubic 1 is commonly used for granny flats, making it the perfect choice for Greenhouse.


“We were pleased to donate our Sanicubic 1 to help make the futurefoodsystem Greenhouse functional and thriving. As this was an eco-project, all waste generated needed to be re-used, and the Sanicubic 1 helped to achieve that.”

Adam Rowe

East Victoria Business Development Manager, SFA Australia



Key Benefits of the Sanicubic 1:

  • Ideal for additional granny flats, studios or cabins
  • New design with easily removable motor for servicing and maintenance
  • External hard wired audio visual alarm
  • Working temperature of 35°C. Will handle up to 70°C for short periods
  • IP68 waterproof rated




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