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Kitchen 01/12/2021


The start of the year is the best time to start planning out your renovation projects. One area that you might have been wanting to renovate is your kitchen and now is the time to do it! This year is predicted to see some amazing kitchen trends, so why not take this time to improve your home and achieve the kitchen of your dreams? 

1. Open layouts

Open plan living is here to stay! 2021 will be all about bright, open spaces and this includes your kitchen. Re-think your space and see how you can incorporate a more open feel. Maybe it’s by installing an island bench, embracing vaulted ceilings, or removing wall-hung cupboards. Or, maybe it’s by embracing the open spaces of the great outdoors and creating an alfresco kitchen and dining area!

2. The Island Bench

Kitchen island benches have been increasing in popularity and they are definitely on trend for this year ! This beautiful kitchen addition achieves the desired open layout, its perfect for kitchen organisation and even kitchen entertaining! Add some high bar stools to your bench and you have an instant entertainment space. To achieve an island bench without the need to worry about your plumbing, you can use Sanivite. This grey water pump seamlessly connects to your existing plumbing and makes an island bench addition possible anywhere in the home. The small pump can easily fit inside a cupboard under the sink, making it a discreet and beneficial option. 

3. Maximise your ceiling

The ceiling often goes overlooked. Besides the obvious lighting and maybe a ceiling fan, what else can you do with your ceiling? A beautiful kitchen trend for 2021 is to maximise the potential of this space by leaving your ceiling beams bare, creating a vaulted ceiling, or even a coffered ceiling. To help you decide, consider the other areas of your home and what feature will tie in with your overall aesthetic. For example, if your home has an industrial feel, then a traditional coffered ceiling could look out of character. If you are relocating your kitchen and it doesn't have sufficient natural light you can create a skylight!

4. The Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry goes hand-in-hand with open plan living. How? It’s designed for the practical side of cooking and to hide your dirty dishes! If you’re hosting a dinner party, the last thing you want is for your guests to look up at your beautiful kitchen island bench and see a pile of dirty dishes. Instead, the butler’s pantry is a small space that’s essentially a kitchen inside your kitchen where you can prepare your meals, clean your dishes and even cook if you like. The best butler’s pantry ideas include a sink and dishwasher to subtly stash and clean your messy cooking utensils. To achieve a sink and dishwasher in this space, consider using  Sanivite. With the ability to pump waste water up to 50m horizontally and 5m vertically, your imagination is free to plan your butler’s pantry where you wish! The best part is that Sanivite is a cost-effective solution to achieving your dream space, so you can rest assured that your ideal kitchen is within reach.

5. Quartz benchtops

Granite has had its day and 2020 is all about quartz! This durable material has a number of beautiful finishes available, so it’s definitely one to look into for the natural stone lovers. The stone comes in a range of different colours, so it’s sure to suit your individual colour palette.

6. Coffee Bar

With café culture here to stay, it’s no wonder that an at-home coffee bar is a kitchen trend for this year. Lazy Sunday mornings just got lazier with this kitchen addition! To achieve the perfect at-home coffee bar, remember to think of all the conveniences you’ll need. If you opt for a fully automatic coffee machine you can connect the waste water pipework to the Sanivite under your kitchen sink! An added feature is a mini below bench fridge to store milk for your coffee! 

7. Lighting

When designing your dream kitchen, remember to plan out your lighting. Having ample lighting in this area is important to create an atmosphere, set the mood, and most importantly so you can see what you are cutting! A combination of downlights and pendant lighting is both practical and beautiful. Consider using a feature pendant over your island bench to emphasise this space and downlights in the rest of the kitchen.