The Sanicom SFA range is designed specifically for lifting greywater from collective places such as dental offices, high volume showers etc. The Sanicom can collect greywater from laundries, bread ovens, washing machines or dishwashers due to it being capable of handling water at 90 ° C.  

Available in 1 or 2 pump versions, SFA offers you directly accessible solutions with small footprint.

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Sanicom 1

Sanicom 1

The most compact and simple solution for a high volume grey water environments...

Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2

Ideal for intensive grey water commercial use Ability to pump water of up to...

The Sanicom 1 and 2 lifting stations have all the advantages of a real free-standing station. In fact, installation is easy and simple since no disbursement from the ground is necessary. In addition, the low inlets make it possible to adapt to all configurations for lifting greywater.

The Sanicom 1 station is designed for lifting greywater from collective places such as medical offices, showers in sports halls; but also water up to 90 ° C from sinks, dishwashers, boiler room, bread ovens, etc. The station is equipped with a dip tube which controls the starting and stopping of the engine. A high level alarm is built into the device. A remote audible and visual alarm is available as an option.

Sanicom 2 is a lifting station with two pumps designed for intensive use. It evacuates greywater up to 90 ° C from restaurant kitchens, laundromats, doctor's offices, changing rooms without WC. Sanicom 2 consists of 2 independent pumps. The second pump assists the first in the event of a large supply. The tank is fitted with 2 dip tubes controlling the running of the engine on the one hand and the alarm system on the other. A remote wired alarm is available as an option.