Fitting a SANICONDENS Clim Mini makes it possible to remove air-conditioner condensate.

  • Quiet
  • Transparent detector unit for impurity inspection
  • Enables installation within a split unit

SANICONDENS Clim Mini is a miniature air conditioner condensate removal pump. With its compact size, it can fit easily into a wall air conditioner. 

The Clim Mini is able to remove up to 2m and is particularly discreet thanks to its quiet operation. The Clim Mini is made of two main elements: a detector unit and a pump unit. First condensate enters the detector unit. When the condensate is fairly high, the pump is switched on and sucks up the condensate prior to evacuation

SANICONDENS Clim Mini datasheet

Supply voltage
220-240 V
IP rating
Sound level
23 dB(A)
Maximum horizontal discharge
60 m
Maximum vertical discharge
6 m
Maximum flow rate
Inlet diameter
16 mm
Outlet diameter
8-10 mm
Maximum incoming water temperature
35 °C
Power frequency
50-60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power
22 W

Pump unit dimensions l x w x h (mm)
104 x 28 x 49

Sensor unit dimensions l x w x h (mm)
74 x 37 x 37

*The SANICONDENS Clim Mini comes with a 1.5m flexible hose, a mounting bracket, a vent tube, a power cable, and a mounting plate.

Ref: EAN 3308815012193