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The perfect fully integrated pumping solution

From a small granny flat to a large public building, the Sanicubic range has you covered.

Saniflo A Group SFA Company

The leaders in pumping technology

Founded in France in 1958, Saniflo began as a designer of water treatment plant equipment. Shortly after, the company developed the first ever macerating pump, a product that revolutionised the bathroom fixture market and shaped the company’s history.

The macerating pump was an immediate success.

It enabled home and business owners to easily install bathroom fixtures, laundry rooms and kitchens anywhere and without the cost and hassle of moving sewer pipes. It achieved this by finely chopping the incoming waste water so that it could be pumped through tiny pipework. The benefit of using small pipework was that it could be concealed behind walls, under the floor or in-ceiling spaces and eventually reconnected to the existing sewer line.

After establishing itself as a market leader in Europe and the USA, the group entered Australia and New Zealand in 1982 and has not looked back. With growing popularity in tiny homes, basement living spaces and granny flat extensions, there is increasing demand for alternative plumbing solutions.

Despite a global presence, Saniflo is dedicated to the same principles that underpinned its success: innovation and quality. Today, our products are still made in France using modern production technology and a team of experts who commit themselves every day to spreading our one common goal: offering the millions of Saniflo customers worldwide high-quality service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our Sanicubic Range

Saniflo’s Sanicubic range consists of high performance, single and twin motor lifting stations including the Sanicubic 1 WP, Sanicubic 2 Pro WP and Sanicubic 2 XL. The Sanicubic range is ideal for complete dwellings, granny flats, tiny homes as well as medium to heavy commercial situations such as cafes, restaurants, fitness centres and offices.

The Sanicubic 1 WP and Sanicubic 2 Pro are complete integrated packages with multiple alarm functions. While our largest lifting station, the Sanicubic 2 XL, uses heavy-duty, twin 2000w motors, vortex technology for high volume residential and commercial situations such as hospitality, shopping centres, multi-storey and mixed-use commercial projects. 


Sanicubic 1 WP

Ideal for granny flats and tiny homes

Handles multiple fixtures

Unit can be installed remotely

Fully integrated package with wired alarm function

IP 68 waterproof rating

Sanicubic 2 Pro

Perfect for complete dwellings and commercial applications

Handles multiple fixtures

Features heavy duty 1500w twin motors

Fully integrated packaged with remote alarm function

IP 68 waterproof rating

Sanicubic 2 VX 

Features heavy duty, twin 2000w motors and vortex technology

Blockage free operation for commercial applications including hospitality environments, shopping centres, gyms and commercial buildings

Direct access to motors for ease of servicing

Fully integrated packaged with wired alarm function

IP 68 waterproof rating

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