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Relocate kitchen to a discreet corner room


Strict heritage building plumbing restrictions


Sanivite grey water pump

Innovative plumbing solution creates a better space for living

When Maurice and Margaret Watson downsized from a large family home, they compromised space for one of Sydney’s finest views but the couple didn’t want to compromise on their dream layout. The central living area previously featured an open plan kitchen but as Margaret said,

“I wanted to move the kitchen from the main living area to a room in the corner of the apartment”. 

Being located in a heritage-listed building, the project had its challenges. 

The heritage regulations specified that the original plumbing couldn’t be relocated or extended. There was no way for the renovation to proceed using conventional plumbing. 

To get around this, a compact Sanivite, a greywater unit was installed inside a cabinet in the corner of the room. This enabled the installation of a sink and dishwasher, transforming the room into a kitchen and opening up the main living area.

"I couldn’t have my kitchen where I have it now without Saniflo. It has changed the whole dynamic of the apartment”.

- Margaret Watson, Point Piper.


  • Non-invasive plumbing complies with heritage building restrictions.
  • Enables the installation of a sink, dishwasher, washing machine, shower or bath in rooms without plumbing access.
  • Heavy-duty pump pushes wastewater up to 5m upward or 50m horizontally to mains.  Compact design for tight spaces.

The Sanipack was used to install an ensuite off the main bedroom and a powder room next to the main living area.

Once we moved the kitchen we were so much happier; there’s a better flow throughout the apartment, it’s lighter and brighter” said Margaret. 

Saniflo also made it possible to specify the location of the kitchen sink without being limited to existing sewer connections. This enabled the owners to open up the space with a superb view of the harbour.

Saniflo pumps had already created new possibilities within the apartment. As Margaret explained, “The ensuite off the main bedroom and powder room next to the main living area would not have been possible without Saniflo”. 

Now a dream kitchen area is also a reality.

We now have the view even when we are washing the dishes. The new layout has enriched our everyday life”.  

- Margaret Watson, Point Piper.

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