DENTAL CLINIC ( Sanispeed and Sanicom)

Case Studies 12/30/2020

DENTAL CLINIC ( Sanispeed and Sanicom)


Create a fully functioning dental clinic.


Plumbing needed in a major, multistorey retail centre.


Sanispeed and Sanicom

When creating a new dental clinic in an existing office/retail space, there is often not adequate drainage access. Most of the time, there are restrictions to how many core holes a new business can place through their floor to create drainage, and in some instances they cannot make any penetrations at all. In a busy shopping centre, the last thing a neighbouring tenancy wants is the disruption caused by having ceiling panels removed along with noisy trade work.

In these situations, a macerator or grey water pump is the solution.

“We came across Saniflo for our first dental practice project. In that case, the shopping centre had put a limit on us for only three core holes and only in specific locations. What this meant was that we ended up with a situation where we wouldn’t have been able to have drainage in our sterilisation room, which we absolutely needed. Our plumber and our hydraulic engineer both suggested Saniflo.”

- Clinical Project Manager

To achieve a dental clinic in a space that was previously optimised for retail, a number of Saniflo pumps were required. This clinic required more pumps than usual due to the tenancy below, as well as the clinic having a false floor, only 100mm off the slab.

“We chose Sanispeed to accommodate every surgery room. Each room had its own sink and under each sink is its own pump.”  


- Greg Waters, Technical Manager Saniflo Australasia

Key Benefits

  • Allows the installation of a dishwasher, glasswasher, washing machine, kitchen sink, shower, vanity basin, bath and coffee station in areas without plumbing access.
  • The smallest commercial greywater pump provides the perfect solution for a low to medium use commercial kitchen, office, café or bar.
  • Ability to handle a higher temperature than other domestic pumps. 
  • Pumps 7m vertically, 90m horizontally, or lesser combinations or both.

Sanicom was used as there is a sterilising unit with high temperatures. The Sanicom had to be used because it can handle the higher temperatures associated with these units.”

- Greg Waters, Technical Manager Saniflo Australasia.


  • This mid-sized commercial grey water pump is designed to handle higher temperatures and a higher flow rate.
  • Temperatures between 35c and 90c can be accepted.
  • Pumps up to 8m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.
  • Allows the installation of multiple sinks, coffee stations, commercial kitchens, dishwashers, glasswashers, washing machines bath and shower

To achieve this dental clinic, it was the preference of the Clinical Project Manager, the Architect and the Hydraulic Consultant to maintain all of the hydraulic services within the tenancy.


“Before we set up here, there had been an incident some months prior with a leak and by the time the tenancies opened up after the weekend, two tenancies had been destroyed. Because of this, we have been keen to maintain all of our hydraulic services in our tenancies, which the Saniflo pumps have allowed us to do. Without these pumps this would have been nearly impossible.”

- Clinical Project Manager

The only way to achieve a fully functioning dental clinic in a multistory major shopping center was with Saniflo. Saniflo pumps avoided the need to disrupt neighbouring and downstairs tenancies, all while allowing the clinic to have all of the equipment and functionalities that it requires.

“Without Saniflo, our clinic wouldn’t have been possible. We’ve had no reason to regret the choice, they’ve been very reliable.”

- Clinical Project Manager

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